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This is a default setup of osCommerce Online Merchant. Products shown are for demonstrational purposes. Any products purchased will not be delivered nor will the customer be billed. Any information seen on these products is to be treated as fictional.

1Error Messages

If there are any error or warning messages shown above, please correct them first before proceeding.

Error messages are displayed at the very top of the page with a complete background color.

Several checks are performed to ensure a healthy setup of your online store - these checks can be disabled by editing the appropriate parameters at the bottom of the includes/application_top.php file.
1Editing Page Texts

The text shown here can be modified in the following file, on each language basis:

[path to catalog]/includes/languages/german/index.php

That file can be edited manually, or via the Administration Tool with the Languages->German->Define or Tools->File Manager modules.

The text is set in the following manner:

define('TEXT_MAIN', 'This is a default setup of the osCommerce project...');

The text highlighted in green may be modified - it is important to keep the define() of the TEXT_MAIN keyword. To remove the text for TEXT_MAIN completely, the following example is used where only two single quote characters exist:

define('TEXT_MAIN', '');

More information concerning the PHP define() function can be read here.
1Online Documentation

Online documentation can be read at the osCommerce Knowledge Base site.

Support is available at the osCommerce Support Site.

If you wish to download the solution powering this shop, or if you wish to contribute to the osCommerce project, please visit the support site of osCommerce. This shop is running on osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2.p
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